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Solar Powered Generator [New Products]

May 15, 2014

Larson Electronics’  solar powered generator features a pneumatic light tower mast equipped with four 160 watt LED light heads. It includes six solar panels, a solar charging system, battery bank and pneumatic mast mounted on a trailer with outriggers and a removable tongue. This 1.8KW solar generator system replenishes 800 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day and is equipped with four 160 watt LED light heads atop a 30’ collapsible, pneumatic mast. A motion sensor offers instant illumination whenever motion within the secured area is detected. The trailer itself houses a built in wire raceway that brings power from the component control center and batteries to the light mast. At the base of the light mast there is an access panel for making connections from the power source to the cabling within the pneumatic mast. The pneumatic mast reaches 30’ in height via the use of a low voltage air compressor located in the job box. The compressor is equipped with a pressure switch that maintains the pressure within the mast. When it is time to take the mast down for transport, the operator simply releases the pressure switch and the mast will slowly release pressure and lower to its full collapsed height of 8.25 feet.

Larson Electronics

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