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High Intensity LED Strip Light [New Products]

June 17, 2014

The LEDST-12 LED strip light from Larson Electronics is designed for walkways, stairs, vehicles, and intrinsically safe areas where ignition protection is required. This high intensity LED strip light is fully potted and housed within a weatherproof, stainless steel fixture that features a thin profile for easy and unobtrusive mounting in tight and limited space areas. These units are fully sealed, weatherproof and IP67 compliant and constructed with stainless steel housings for durability and corrosion resistance. Measuring approximately 12” long and ¾” wide, these units are suited for installing along rails, under cabinets, along stairs and wherever a powerful and compact light is needed. The 320 lumen output combined with 5 watt power consumption makes these units suitable for replacing older and less efficient fluorescent lights.

Larson Electronics

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