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Wire Rope Hoists for Longer Lifts [New Products]

Oct. 9, 2014

Columbus McKinnon Corporation expanded the capabilities of its Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series wire rope hoists to include longer 60 ft. lifts and an improved electronic hoist monitoring system. These new models are available as monorail or top-running units in capacities up to 15 tons. Most models are two-speed with lifting speeds of 20/5 FPM with the exception of 15-ton units, which have lifting speeds of 18/4.5 FPM. All Global King and World Series models feature heavy-duty DC disc brakes, a two-speed hoist motor, limit switches and a low-headroom design. The Pulse Monitor Electronic Hoist Data Interface standard is available on all models for recording key performance data of the hoist during normal operation. Recorded with a time and date stamp, recorded information includes: motor starts, cumulative run time, plug events, overcapacity events, motor trip events and voltage measurements.

Columbus McKinnon