Configurable Emergency Stops Schmersal

Configurable Emergency Stops

Schmersal’s ZQ700 and ZQ900 Emergency Cable Pull Switches provide E-Stop protection for a cable span up to 165 feet. For circuit flexibility it is available with either two contacts (1NO/1NC or 2NC) or 4 contacts (2NO/2NC, 1NO/3NC, or 4NC). Features include a strong metal housing, a position indicator window for ease of installation, and ability to be fitted with an indicator light since it has 3 conduit openings. An optional e-stop button can be integrated on the switch housing. A compact model is also available for use on smaller machinery and in confined areas. A latching mechanism maintains the emergency stop position when the cable is pulled and the switch is actuated. The switches will also fail safe: the cable being cut or going slack will also result in actuation and machine stoppage.




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