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Curtain Walls Contain Flames [New Product] Rite-Hite

Curtain Walls Contain Flames [New Product]

Rite-Hite’s Zoneworks TZF insulated curtain wall features internal carbon fiber construction to limit smoke and flame spread. It is intended for applications where temperature separation or control with some fire resistance is desired or required. The complete curtain has been tested per ASTM E84 – the standard for smoke developed and flame spread properties. In testing, the TZF maintained a flame spread of 25 or less, and smoke developed less than 450, and thereby performs within the NFPA Class A rating. This curtain wall eliminates the need to construct rigid, permanent insulated walls, and can deliver 40°F (22°C) or more of temperature separation.  Because they have a smaller footprint than permanent walls, the TZ system also saves floor and rack space in temperature-controlled warehouses and cooler/freezers.





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