Floor Marking Guides Workflows [New Products] ShieldMark, Inc.

Floor Marking Guides Workflows [New Products]

ShieldMark Inc.’s Mighty Line floor tapes help managers make their facilities safer, more organized and productive. Durable quick and easy to apply peel and stick floor markers provide a non-invasive method for installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers and resist damage from wheeled forklift traffic. Managers from a wide variety of industries are using these floor marking products to ease their 5S lean manufacturing implementations. Different colors can be used for different functional areas such as: inspection, machining, storage, kitting, shipping, etc. Color-coding also enhances safety, including red (danger and stop); orange (intermediate levels of danger); yellow (caution); green (safety, egress and first aid equipment); and blue (informational signs). Effective floor marking makes a physical space easier for occupants to understand and be more aware of traffic patterns, work-flow routes, and hazardous work areas.

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