Flowracks for In-Process Parts Creform

Flowracks for In-Process Parts

Creform developed heavy-duty, high capacity flowracks for an automotive supplier to flow in-process parts within welding cells.  Since the processes periodically change the flowracks needed to be reusable and flexible. The 42mm pipe and joint system gives the racks a 1,500 lb weight capacity without excessive bracing.  Placon conveyors allow shallow flow lane angles suitable for both plastic totes and cardboard boxes.  Aluminum, heavy-duty extruded lane dividers are held by mounts secured to the conveyor rails, guiding heavy totes and boxes securely and consistently down each lane. The Creform system can be used to create an array of material handling devices, including push, special purpose and trailer carts, flow racks, roller conveyors, workstations, and AGV/AGCs.



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