Hazardous Area LED String Light [New Products]

Hazardous Area LED String Light [New Products]

Larson Electronics’ EPL-SL-5-5X-FL1524-LED hazardous area LED string light is suitable for exposure to vapors and dusts and ideal for use in confined spaces such as fuel tanks and grain storage areas. U.L. Class 1 Division 1 & 2 approved, its 2’ long 15 watt LED tube lamps provides higher quality light than higher wattage incandescent light and more light than previous fluorescent lamp equipped models. This five lamp string light set comes complete with a 35’ long 12/3 SOOW backbone for long range operation. Each lamp features a rugged, non-sparking aluminum casting and unique rod cage and produces cool, glare-free, shadowless light that improves safety in hazardous locations and maximizes lighting efficiency with built-in metal reflectors.

Larson Electronics



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