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Hybrid RFID System Offers Business Intelligence [NEW PRODUCT]

Hybrid RFID System Offers Business Intelligence [NEW PRODUCT]

Barcoding, Inc. and AeroScout’s hybrid RFID system consists of Wi-Fi-based, active RFID tags that transmit signals to standard wireless access points via their own internal power supply. These signals are then relayed to MobileView software applications that determine the asset’s location, condition and status. Active RFID technology is used for real-time location tracking of high-value and high-impact mobile assets. Passive RFID is used for tracking a high volume of lower-cost items that exist within an area where chokepoint/gateway detection is sufficient. The hybrid solution collects and aggregates the real-time data from active and passive RFID technologies and turns it into actionable information, delivering mapping, rules-based alerting, role-based visualization and business intelligence reporting.

AeroScout Industrial


Barcoding, Inc.


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