Jet Fans for Ventilation Allegro

Jet Fans for Ventilation

Allegro Industries’ 20” and 24” Jet Fans are suited for use in ventilating confined spaces containing volatile fumes such as large tanks or vessels. They can be used as a blower or exhaust by simply reverse mounting. Compressed air is pushed through a nozzle at the end of each blade causing the fan to propel at speeds up to 11,000 CFM or 16,900 CFM respectively at 100 psig quickly and efficiently. Heavy duty ball bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed for the life of the fan. The fans are spark resistant, can be mounted at any angle and are easy to transport with recessed handles or they can be rolled. The fans do not require electricity so they are convenient in locations where no power is available. They operate on compressed air and steam.



TAGS: Warehousing
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