LED Replaces Fluorescents for More Light (Product) Larson Electronics

LED Replaces Fluorescents for More Light (Product)

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight LEDT8-28W-V1 28 watt LED 4-foot replacement lamp can be used to upgrade existing T8 fluorescent fixtures to LEDs. It requires no ballast for operation. The polycarbonate lens diffuses the light and makes this bulb suitable for food safe environments since there is no glass. The aluminum housing serves as a heat sink and provides rigidity and strength for the LED bulb.  The tube produces more light than a T8 fluorescent and saves on electric costs and maintenance costs while resisting shock and temperature extremes. This lamp is also available in 2 foot, 3 foot, alternating current and low voltage versions, making this new series of lamps compatible with numerous different commercial and industrial fixtures.

Larson Electronics


TAGS: Warehousing
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