A Telescopic View of Safer Truckloading

Jan. 14, 2014
The frenetic pace of trailer loading poses dangers. Several can be eliminated when conveyors enter.

Truck loading and unloading make the dock one of the most hazardous areas in a distribution center. Trailers must be loaded and unloaded quickly and product sequenced “last in, first out.” These operations can be labor intensive as pallets stacked with parcels are brought into trailers on pallet trucks or forklifts and then items manually removed from pallets and stacked on the trailer floor.

Telescopic conveyors can meet operators in the trailer, delivering packages at the most ergonomic height, or they can relieve workers from this job entirely. A feature in MH&L's January 2014 issue goes into further detail on potential savings in time and injuries. This gallery expands the scope of that feature with additional images (courtesy of Flexible Material Handling).