Mobile Yard Ramps and Loading Docks [New Products] Leum Engineering, Inc.

Mobile Yard Ramps and Loading Docks [New Products]

Leum Engineering’s Dockzilla family of mobile yard ramps and portable loading docks are designed with ergonomic and employee safety features that meet or exceed OSHA loading dock requirements. Mobile and fixed position products increase productivity by up to 80 percent over manual loading/unloading. Eliminating the construction expense and hassle of installing a permanent loading dock, these ramps and docks can be relocated to other projects or when a business moves. They are suitable for companies that lease their facilities, for seasonal businesses and for retailers with multiple distribution sites. Multiple configurations are available, including mobile yard ramps, impactable yard ramps, portable loading docks, dock to ground ramps, self-standing platforms, cross-docks and custom alternatives to permanent loading dock construction.

Leum Engineering, Inc.


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