New Scorecard Developed to Track Green Supply Chains

FirstCarbon Solutions, a provider of sustainability solutions, has formed a partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in which FirstCarbon Solutions will score all company submissions to CDP Supply Chain, a program which works with global corporations to understand the impacts of climate change across the supply chain. CDP, an independent not-for-profit organization, provides a global system for organizations to measure, disclose, manage and share climate change information.

With consumers, shareholders and other stakeholders demanding carbon reporting transparency, businesses are actively examining the green credentials of their existing and potential suppliers. More than 50 brands, including Vodafone, Pepsico and Walmart, participate in CDP Supply Chain. FirstCarbon Solutions will score disclosures from nearly 1,300 suppliers in the coming months to determine the quality of disclosure and the level of climate change performance.

As CDP Supply Chain’s scoring partner, FirstCarbon Solutions will be tasked with taking information provided by participating suppliers and creating a disclosure score and, for the first time, a CDP Supply Chain performance score. These scores help the CDP Supply Chain members and their suppliers benchmark performance and seek year-on-year improvements.

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