Precise Crane Control [Product] Konecranes

Precise Crane Control [Product]

With target positioning from Konecranes, a load automatically travels from a starting position to a preset target, slows down, stops, and lowers the load at the destination point. It is designed to significantly increase productivity and enhance safety. The operator only pushes a single button on the operator interface, and as long as the button is pressed, the crane drives itself to the selected target with a preconfigured travel height. The load will navigate to the selected target position (X, Y) at the predefined height (Z) and allow the operator to do the final vertical positioning manually. Manual operation can be started by releasing the target positioning button on the control device. The operator can define up to 120 targets and seven home positions on the crane operator interface or service display unit. The operator interface also has a quick home feature that allows setting a home position for temporary use only by pushing the home button.



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