ProMat 2013 Preview
ProMat Preview: Facilities Management

ProMat Preview: Facilities Management

The Big Ass Fan Company's large diameter, low speed fans prevent heat-related illnesses, Big Ass Fan Companyimprove winter dexterity and reduce heat bills, remove slippery condensation from floors, increase the effectiveness of ventilation systems and reduce noise in warehouses. The Powerfoil X2.0 offers a 28% increase in coverage area and a 15-year non-prorated warranty.  It features AirFences, fixed aerodynamic devices applied along the airfoil to break up the air and redirect the fan's air velocity profile.
The Big Ass Fan Company
Booth 452

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Rytec Corporation's Powerhouse SD rubber doorsRytec Corporation's Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber doors are designed without springs, counterbalance systems or wear parts, saving on service costs. The design and heavy-duty construction offer speed, wind- and pressure-resistance, and the tight seal required to protect critical equipment and operations while keeping the workplace heated and cooled. In the case of an accidental hit, the Powerhouse SD releases without damage and restores to full operation with the push of a button.
Rytec Corporation
Booth 4853

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NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations from Newcastle Systems are ergonomic carts that can carry Newcastle Systems NB Series Mobile Powered Workstationscomputers (desktops, towers, or laptops), printers, scales, barcode scanners, and most other small electronic equipment to wherever they are needed.  An on-board battery can power up to four devices simultaneously for 8-10 hours of normal use.  Instead of walking back and forth from a deskbound computer to printers and other devices used in tasks such as inventory management, process control, on-demand label printing, product testing, order picking, cross-docking, weighing, scanning, etc., all necessary equipment can be brought to where the work is taking place.  
Newcastle Systems
Booth 3859

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Radiopaque ProStack pallets from Polymer Solutions International Inc.Radiopaque ProStack pallets from Polymer Solutions International Inc. are ideal for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing applications. Because the pallet is clearly visible in imaging inspections common in cleanroom and processing areas, it's easier to detect product contaminants  when x-ray and fluoroscopy imaging are used as part of the inspection and quality control processes. The pallets are rated for a 30,000 pound static load, or a 5,000 pound dynamic load, are edge rackable to 2,200 pounds, offer four-way fork entry and are made from 100% recyclable, FDA-approved high density polyethylene.  The radiopaque compound does not impair the pallet's recyclability.
Polymer Solutions International
Booth 4427

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Lenze Americas' integrated energy efficient solution package is comprised of DSD software, MF (multiple Lenze Americasfrequency) gear motor with GKR bevel gearbox, and the 8400 motec with VFC eco mode. DSD software ensures precision drive dimensioning by tailoring the drive system specifically to the application requirements.  By using DSD to select drive packages with MF motors, the user can achieve energy balance with efficient drive dimensioning.  DSD shows potential energy savings options, making it possible to compare several different solutions and ensure the right sized components for the material handling task. A single MF motor version can serve varied application for standardized logistics and inventory processes.  
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DAP tabletDAP's M9700 rugged tablet combines form and function in a lightweight mobile tablet. The 9.7-inch multi-touch display offers pan and zoom functions. Weighing just over 2 pounds and measuring less than an inch thick, it is protected against water, dust, and 4-foot drops to concrete. Communications options include WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and an optional Gobi 3000 WWAN module.
DAP Technologies
Booth 3959

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KUKA Systems and RSW will showcase their Mixed Case Row Palletizing KUKA Systems and RSW(MXRP) cell that can deliver efficiency gains of 40% or more in building same-store pallets. MXRP combines RSW's adjustable-finger gripper and KUKA Systems' robotics and control system to streamline the building of pallets with mixed products and/or packaging at distribution centers. The MXRP gripper with Flex Strap technology makes it possible to position adjustable fingers at different levels to grip stock and load it on top of uneven layers.  This produces a denser, more store-friendly mixed pallet.
KUKA Systems and RSW
Booth #2012a
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