Savi and ODIN Launch Active & Passive RFID Software Platform

Savi and ODIN, two providers of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions, have formed a partnership to offer a software platform that leverages both passive and active RFID technologies. The aim is to develop a solution that will allow users to track and manage in real-time their items, supply chain assets and transport conveyances such as containers and vehicles.

The companies plan to develop RFID software that will exploit the range of RFID and related automatic identification and data capture technologies. The solution will be aimed at users in the aerospace and defense, government, manufacturing, healthcare and IT services industries. Drawing on Savi’s experience in active, battery-powered RFID and ODIN’s experience in passive RFID, the solution will be designed to enhance supply chain performance, efficiency and security within the four walls of facilities as well as throughout extended supply chains.

The Savi-ODIN offering will combine Savi's active RFID SmartChain software suite and ODIN's EasyEdge for passive RFID devices to automate the collection of passive and active RFID data onto a single platform. The SmartChain suite will be available with modules that can reduce the time, effort and costs of implementing and utilizing software powered with real-time RFID information.

SmartChain will function as a system of record that provides status alerts and detailed reports on passive RFID-tagged items such as laptops, medical equipment and kits consisting of manufactured parts. Automating the management of these assets with the Savi-ODIN module will help reduce asset shrinkage, as well as costs associated with manual tracking of assets.

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