Trailer Mounted Light Mast Larson Electronics

Trailer Mounted Light Mast

Larson Electronics Magnalight’s LM-30-3S-TLR thirty foot   trailer mounted light mast assembly is targeted towards those looking to leverage their own generator sets and light heads for custom applications.  The three stage mastcollapses to 12 feet and extends to 30 feet, and folds over for transport.  A two winch system controls the fold over and the extension and retraction of the mast.  The fourteen foot long trailer features a removable tongue for operations that require long stand times or improved bulk transport. The light mast itself rotates a full 360 degrees with braking points at 45 degree intervals, in case the operator finds it easier to move the mast instead of the trailer.  Both the trailer and mast feature a black powder coat.  Custom configurations, including electric winches, pneumatic towers, different mast heights and trailer dimensions are available.

Larson Electronics


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