Vertical Tri-Pole Mount Ceiling Fan [New Products] Herkules

Vertical Tri-Pole Mount Ceiling Fan [New Products]

Herkules Equipment Corporation’s vertical, tri-pole mount ceiling fan improves air movement, reaching over 300 feet away, efficiently cooling a large working area.  Developed to fulfill a common demand, the motor and blade design consumes a small amount of energy, just 500 watts at full power. The fan’s light weight is due to its patent-applied blade design using aircraft grade aluminum that encases a polyurethane foam core, with each blade weighing only 1.5 lbs.  The brushless, direct drive motor uses neodymium permanent rare earth magnets, is long lasting and has no belts, drives, gears or pulleys that need replacing.  The motor is fully sealed and resists corrosion.  The maximum power consumption at full speed is approximately 500 watts, and it is 10 watts at the lowest speed.




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