Work Platform & VRC Forestall New Building [New Product] Wildeck

Work Platform & VRC Forestall New Building [New Product]

Wildeck helped Royal Basket Trucks convert 6,000 square feet of unused space into a productive work area using a new work platform and a Delta Lift vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC). This was an alternative to constructing a 12,000 square foot building addition costing $500,000 and at least six months of time. The 40 x 120 foot work platform, used for production, eliminated a 75-ft. product transfer flow. The system now takes raw materials up to workers and brings finished products back down. The work platform houses four sewing machines, shelving and other production equipment — all of which are serviced by about 20 employees at any given time. Workers access the work platform using Wildeck structural steel staircases, while the VRC carries only materials. The platform also keeps employees away from forklifts and carts moving about on the ground, minimizing the danger of someone being struck.



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