7 Supply Chains to Look Out For in 2007

Magazines in general are prone to hyperpole. That’s just the nature of a business that has at the far extreme supermarket tabloids’ screaming headlines about celebrities and their mystical relationships with aliens. In our industry smart readers know that any logistics magazine’s “Top 10” or “Best 100” list is, at best, fraught with editorial license.

Recognizing this pitfall the editors at Logistics Today decided to do something different from our peers. In search of inspiration as we head into the New Year, we looked around for organizations that we think embody the leading characteristics of today’s most competitive supply chains, as well as some supply chains that are having a deep influence on the industry. The only criteria--in addition to industry-leading performance--was that the organizations could not be any of the popular press darlings that have been profiled many times before. We found seven supply chains that we think fit the bill.

  1. Building a Healthy Supply Chain: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  2. Digi-Key Redefines Distribution
  3. Fast-Paced Global Integration: DP World
  4. Lifeway's Supply Chain Mission
  5. Peak Seasoning at Omaha Steaks
  6. Redback Networks Rides Supply Chain Back from the Brink
  7. Genco and Sears' Supply Chain Partnership
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