Additional comments from LOGISTICS TODAYs Salary Survey respondents

Additional comments from LOGISTICS TODAY’s Salary Survey respondents:

"The trend toward awarding business strictly based on price through online auctions is eroding the relationships between shippers and their customers. Further, the growth of 3PLs is also a threat and I'm not certain that is the best way to go but it surely seems to be the future." -- director of global transportation in the high-tech industry in the Northwest, earning $107,200

"The arena keeps changing every day, so the challenges are there every day and you need to keep up with all the changes every day." -- traffic manager in the chemicals industry in the Southeast earning $41,600

"The biggest professional challenge I face is to balance the responsibilities of both logistics and import/export compliance with a very limited staff." -- logistics manager in the high-tech industry in the Midwest earning $97,000

"The company expects a great deal out of its employees. Many times I feel overworked or rushed to complete various projects. There is not enough staffing in my area." -- import/export coordinator in the pharmaceutical industry in the Southeast earning $34,000, with 20-25 years experience

"Offshore manufacturing is eroding the job market in this country and has to be addressed in order for this country to remain a major world leader." -- warehouse manager in the consumer packaged goods industry in the Midwest earning $55,000

"The challenge of doing more with less holds true. Smaller companies are having a more difficult time hiring qualified candidates due to lower pay scales and benefits." -- fleet manager in the chemicals industry in the Southeast earning $53,500

"The biggest challenge is the lack of communication between logistics managers and buyers/marketing people." -- warehouse manager in the industry products industry in the Northeast managing a staff of 20 earning $40,000

"Due to the economic climate over the past few years this company has not had any raises for three years." -- warehouse manager in the industrial products industry in the Southeast earning $62,000 at a company with sales $100-500 million

"The biggest issue that we are facing is that there is not enough capital monies available to keep our equipment updated yearly. This then leads to the point where outsourcing is the next best option. Outsourcing transportation needs may or may not work in all situations. Also without the capital we cannot stay ahead of the technical advances that are out in the marketplace. The last area of concern is the new Federal laws for hours of service -- they seem to be very confusing for the average driver to understand and the onboard computer systems have even been having issues to get it right." -- logistics manager in the food & beverage industry in the Southeast earning $81,000

"I am becoming desperate for assistance. We currently don't have the physical space and, apparently, the money to hire another staff person. Yet, we continue to set shipping and sales records in 2003. The problem: slim margins in sales and large costs in supporting another full-time employee cause the company to be hesitant in the long term." -- traffic manager in the chemicals industry in the Midwest earning $31,000

"Being with a relatively small company, my upward mobility is limited but the opportunities for moving various types of freight as well as finding savings for the company make up for that lack. I enjoy the challenges in moving freight with quality carriers at the best cost versus managing people." -- senior logistics analyst in the automotive industry in the Midwest earning $55,000

"Our company is in the process of 'standardizing' our job classifications with our European divisions. We received no increase this year, and when they finish this 'standardization,' we will either get retroactive increases if it is determined that our functions are 'underpaid,' or we will stay at current compensation." -- logistics manager in the consumer goods industry in the Southeast earning $40,000

"Supply chain must be considered on a global basis by executive management, and not just local or regional. With NAFTA and the other WTO trade agreements, global supply is essential to a company's survival." -- supply chain manager in the consumer packaged goods industry in the Southeast earning $118,000

"I do not see any signs of the economy improving for the transportation industry." -- logistics manager in the transportation services industry in the Northeast earning $55,000

"With the U.S. in the shape it's in you have to hold on to the jobs you have. Companies know that and laugh all the way to the bank." -- import/export planner & scheduler at a high-tech company in the Southeast earning $25,000

"Companies are using the poor job market to get more from their people with less compensation. Benefits are being trimmed or eliminated, and salaries are being frozen." -- operations manager in the computer equipment industry in the Northwest earning $47,000

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