Agility Expands Into Kurdistan Region

Agility shares close ties with the Government of the Kurdistan region and Elias Monem, Agility CEO, Middle East and Africa, believes this new venture will also support the development of this part of Iraq. "Agility Kurdistan Limited will be able to play a positive role in the progression and development of the region," he said. "We have strong support from the Kurdish government and we are also working closely with non-governmental organizations and will be instrumental in aiding and assisting the expansion of the area's infrastructure," he added.

Besides supporting the development of the Kurdish supply chain network, Monem is confident that the new organization's operations will have other positive effects for the country. "We anticipate that our presence in the region will encourage more foreign direct investment and will help boost the Kurdish economy and also benefit the whole of Iraq," he said.

The joint venture partnership for Agility Kurdistan is formed by Agility and Kurdistan Capital Investment, along with two other well-established regional business figures. The newly formed entity will be investing in the construction of warehousing facilities in order to provide storage, transportation, freight forwarding, customs clearance and associated services to its customers. It will also be exploring real estate activities.

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