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Supply Chain Insider, Episode 2: Expect the Unexpected with Foley & Lardner's Vanessa Miller

July 21, 2021
Supply chain legal expert Vanessa Miller offers advice on how companies can overcome critical supply chain shortages and how to best forecast for future disruptions.

In the latest episode of Supply Chain Insider, MH&L’s podcast series, we talk with Vanessa Miller, a partner with Foley & Lardner, about critical shortages in various sectors, including semiconductors, batteries for electric vehicles, rare earth minerals and pharmaceuticals. In a wide-ranging conversation, Miller discusses the impact of the Biden Administration's "America's Supply Chains" task force and the Department of Energy's National Blueprint for Lithium Batteries, and the types of strategies manufacturers need to be adopting to stay ahead of the game when supply chain disruptions occur. "Start to expect the unexpected," she advises. Other unforeseen global events will certainly occur, she says, so companies need to improve their resiliency and have a forward-looking strategy in place. Click the button below to hear the full podcast interview with Vanessa Miller.

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