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Supply Chain Insider, Episode 3: Break the Limits of Your Supply Chain with Accenture's Carly Guenther

Oct. 26, 2021
Accenture's Carly Guenther explains how supply chain managers can prepare for future disruptions, and offers suggestions on the types of technologies and solutions that offer competitive advantage to companies.

In the latest episode of Supply Chain InsiderMH&L’s podcast series, we talk with Carly Guenther, managing director, supply chain & operations, with Accenture, about the role of chief supply chain officers and what they can do to help prepare their companies for supply chain disruptions. Guenther shares some of the results of a recent Accenture study, Signals of Change, which examines how companies have reacted to the supply chain crisis caused by the pandemic. She examines some of the technologies that are helping companies bust through the silo mentality to engage all areas of their supply chain in learning how to prepare for future disruptions. She also highlights the most crucial element in supply chain management: talent development and retention. Click the button below to hear the full podcast interview with Carly Guenther.

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