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Investment in Supply Chain Tech Still Strong

Investment in Supply Chain Tech Still Strong

May 12, 2022
In Q1 2022, the supply chain sector received $9.4 billion in total funding.

Investment in supply chain tech is still strong. According to a report released by CB Insights in April, despite funding slowdowns,  dollars to supply chain tech remained in line with the last 6 quarters. The Global Supply Chain & Logistics Tech Q1 2022 report highlights global data and analysis on dealmaking, funding, and exits by private market supply chain & logistics tech companies. 

The supply chain sector received $9.4 billion in total supply chain funding. The authors of the report attribute this high level of funding due to the sustained disruptions primary from the pandemic and global unrest. 

Of these investments, $7.2 billion were funded through mega-rounds of investing which is defined as deals worth $100 million or more. This level of funding represented over three-quarters of the dollars invested in supply chain technology. 

For the fifth consecutive year, more than five supply chain unicorns were created. This reflects a "heightened interested in supply chain and logistic technology," the report says. 

As far as specific deals in the first quarter, as compared to the last quarter of 2021, deals were up 25% resulting in 50 deals. 

Even with this increase, the report concludes that supply chain startups are taking longer to move from the early to mid-stage funding. It's now taking 22 months to go from Series A to Series B in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the 15 months it took in 2018. 

The report includes other more specific information and can be viewed here.