CEVA Wins Contract/Renewal

May 7, 2008
CEVA Logistics has been awarded a contract by National Health Service Scotland and its contract with tea producer Twinings has been renewed.

CEVA Logistics has been awarded a contract by NHS Scotland National Procurement to distribute consumables to hospitals throughout Scotland. The operation will roll out over the next 12 months and CEVA will deliver consumable materials to up to 40 main hospitals in Scotland by the end of the year (2008).

NHS Scotland National Procurement is an NHS Scotland central service, supporting the 15 Health Boards in Scotland. Until about two years ago, each of these boards was responsible for its own sourcing of consumable items such as hand towels, sanitary items, plastic bottles and tubes. “We are able to demonstrate by setting tough standards and always measuring results, we ensure operational excellence and continuous improvement – key factors which are critical to the NHS Scotland operation,” said Rob McWhirter, managing director of business development for CEVA in the UK

Two years ago NHS Scotland decided it was more efficient and cost-effective to offer the boards a central purchasing and sourcing function for certain product categories, and set up an NDC (National Distribution Centre) at Larkhall, just south of Glasgow, from where CEVA manages its distribution contract. Stephen Mitchell, NHS Operations Manager, NDC and Transport, said “CEVA’s experience in operating transport contracts of this type is second to none. We awarded the contract knowing that the service would be in safe hands.”

Rob McWhirter said: “We are working with NHS Scotland National Procurement to consider all the possibilities for expanding and improving the service, including night-time deliveries and inbound supplier collections. The contract has great potential to expand and grow.”

In separate news, Twinings, a leading tea producer, has renewed its logistics contract with CEVA Newsfast. The two companies have been working together since 1990, with CEVA warehousing the Twinings products at its Wellesbourne site for onward distribution to supermarket RDCs (regional distribution centers), wholesalers and retailers.

To mark the occasion, Twinings UK Sales Director Jon Jenkins visited CEVA’s multi-user site at Wellesbourne to give CEVA staff a preview of the company’s new advertising campaign and its strategy for the future. “We regard CEVA as a partner in our success. We are expanding our range of goods and expect to see significant growth in volumes over the next few years. CEVA’s commitment to providing excellent service is vital to that growth,” he said.

Wellesbourne, like all 19 Newsfast sites around the UK, is used to warehouse and distribute goods for a variety of different customers using state-of-the-art warehousing and transport planning systems. CEVA Newsfast’s other grocery customers include John West, Wrigleys, Whitworths and Del Monte. It also offers primary consolidation center facilities to leading multiple retailers Tesco, Somerfield and Asda.

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