Army Depot Automates Inventory Management

Jan. 14, 2009
The Sierra Army Depot in northern California went live with Savi's automated asset and inventory tracking system

The Sierra Army Depot in northern California went live with Savi's automated asset and inventory tracking system.

The depot is a 59-square-mile complex encompassing about 1,200 buildings that serves as an Expeditionary Logistics Center for the storage, maintenance, assembly and containerization of operational stocks and other items—from depot to foxhole.

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The Depot Total Asset Visibility and Inventory Management System cuts operational costs and improves efficiency by enabling personnel to reduce hours spent searching for containers, major supplies and asset inventory as they move on, through, and off the facilities, said Savi. The system also improves asset inventory utilization, and—via automated alerts—speed the monitoring of environmental conditions of medical supplies in the DEPMED area of a major depot.

The fully integrated solution leverages the Savi SmartChain® Enterprise Platform and Savi Asset Management Application, which manage real-time information of supplies affixed with active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

“Our command and control platform, which is tied to Automatic Identification Technologies, provides more than just real-time visibility,” said David Stephens, chief executive officer of Savi Technology. “We’re honored to be called upon by the US Department of Defense to support the readiness and operational performance of mission-critical storage and logistics activities at the Sierra Army Depot.”

The Savi solution at the depot is designed to enhance the visibility and management of assets such as containers, trailers, generators and water purification units. In addition, the solution utilizes sensors that monitor the environmental conditions of DEPMEDS, which are “hospitals in a container” and include necessary medical supplies and equipment required for rapid deployment into the field of operations.

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