UPS Adds Flights To Japan

May 23, 2008
UPS announced it has added five weekly flights in and out of Nagoya to enhance customer service to Japan’s Chubu region, a major industrial manufacturing center. UPS already flies to Tokyo and Osaka.

The new flights to Japan are the result of a US-Japan aviation agreement signed in September 2007, which granted UPS the authority to operate daily flights between the US and Nagoya in addition to its daily services to Tokyo and Osaka. UPS will operate five weekly MD-11 flights from Anchorage through Nagoya’s Central Japan International Airport before heading to Shanghai in China.

“The start of UPS flights to Nagoya will allow UPS to gain an even stronger foothold in Japan and increase transportation options for the various industries in Chubu,” said Dan Brutto, president, UPS International.

Most recently in Japan, UPS expanded its facility in Shinkiba in central Tokyo to provide improved services to customers seeking integrated logistics solutions. Streamlined brokerage and bonded logistics services at the Shinkiba hub increased operational efficiency and improved customer service by shortening delivery times.

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