How Mature Is Your Supply Chain?

July 8, 2010
A new test has been developed to help companies determine how much cost savings are possible within their supply chain

Dutch consulting firm Jeroen van den Berg Consulting and the VU University Amsterdam have launched the Supply Chain Maturity Scan. The initiators want to make managers aware of how much cost savings are still possible in their supply chain. Via an online questionnaire, the scan measures the maturity of the company’s supply chain. The scan also scrutinizes if the developments in the supply chain are well aligned and it computes the savings potential.

The first user of the scan was the Logistics Management division of the Royal Dutch Air Force. This department is responsible for directing the air defense supply chain. "We were involved in a large number of improvement projects," explains Lieutenant-Colonel Erik van de Ven. "With a large group, we filled out the Supply Chain Maturity Scan. This told us which initiatives produced short-term results and which ones we could better put on hold. Now we are not only able to spend our time more effectively, it also creates tranquility and confidence among our people."

"International research shows that there is a cost difference of about 30% between a small leader group and a large group of laggards in supply chain management," says researcher Jeroen van den Berg. "At the same time, the leaders excel with excellent services. It is best to improve the supply chain step-by-step. Managers often want to move forward too fast. Then they attempt to control a poorly organized supply chain with advanced information systems. They soon find out that this will not work."

The Supply Chain Maturity Scan can be accessed free of charge through the website of Jeroen van den Berg Consulting.