Its all about ROI

Sept. 22, 2003
EditorialIt's all about ROI Logistics Today is all about generating a return on your investment of time, by providing a research-based blend of put-it-to-work
It's all about ROI

Logistics Today is all about generating a return on your investment of time, by providing a research-based blend of put-it-to-work editorial.

As logistics and supply chain executives, you rightly require a return on your investment — whether it’s time or money you’re asked to invest. In today’s data-rich and time-starved business environment, you need just the right amount of information delivered in the right way so that you can make informed purchase and implementation decisions.

So we’ve done our homework to ensure that Logistics Today becomes a timely and comprehensive tool in your information arsenal.

Earlier this summer, we conducted an extensive study of what logistics executives really need to do their jobs. We surveyed more than 500 buyers of logistics and supply chain tools and services to determine what kind of information they need and how they want it packaged. These respondents represented both our readership and an independent sample of logistics executives.

Here’s what we learned about logistics professionals just like you:

The types of articles you’re looking for:

  • You want news and analysis as well as practical how-to information
  • You love case studies
  • You want strategic-level articles
  • You want economic & statistical data
  • You want user and provider profiles
  • You want product news

Top 10 topics and issues that mean the most to you:

  • Logistics strategy
  • Supply chain management strategy
  • Information technology
  • Domestic logistics
  • Industry trends
  • Inventory management
  • Data collection
  • Global logistics
  • Third-party logistics
  • Regulatory compliance information

In the past, our predecessor publications — Transportation & Distribution and Supply Chain Technology News — covered critical issues of logistics and supply chain management in two separate forums in two very different ways. We’ve learned that you want more information in one location. You want information presented in an easily accessible, visually appealing style. Moreover, you see technology as an enabler, not a solution in and of itself.

In order to deliver what you said you needed, it’s only natural that we have crafted a brand new publication whose style and content is driven both by research and by the informed judgment of our veteran editorial team. That’s the publication you’ve got in your hands, Logistics Today.

Although it’s brand new, Logistics Today is brought to you by our team of industry experts who have 75 years of knowledge and experience in reporting on the evolution of logistics in the supply chain. Our strong foundation is built on more than 42 years covering logistics execution by its predecessor, T&D, and four years covering technology solutions by SCTN. This depth of experience enables us to report authoritatively on the broad range of topics most important to you.

Logistics Today builds on the circulation strength of T&D and SCTN, and for our advertisers we’re providing an audience that now includes 80,000 logistics and supply chain executives. You, the readers of Logistics Today, represent the most distinctive group of logistics decision makers — based on our research, you plan to spend a median of $95 million annually on logistics-related purchases. Our readership, in short, is the most influential in the logistics field.

Getting back to the ROI, Logistics Today will answer your need for speed and selection in a sleek new package that is unique in the market. You’ll find us a timely, relevant and accessible blend of news and information. We’ll go beyond the news to explain what it all means to logistics solutions buyers. Data will be readily understandable, so you can process it quickly and put it to work.

In short, you’ll have just what you need to make those tough decisions that affect your own organization’s ROI.

Newt Barrett

September, 2003

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