Dellalui Picks Sourcing/Product Lifecycle Tool

March 18, 2009
Men's and women's apparel company Dellalui will implement Centric Software's product lifecycle and sourcing tool. Article text:

Dellalui will use the product sourcing, calendar management and other modules of the Centric 8 PLM product lifecycle management and sourcing system to capture, track and communicate information throughout the entire product lifecycle process, according to Maurice Kammoun, managing director of the French manufacturer and marketer of men’s and women’s apparel.

“To meet our rigid delivery schedules to customers throughout Europe, we must have–and share with everyone involved–precise information during every aspect of the process,” says Kammoun. With design and product management in France, manufacturing in Asia and retail clients spread throughout Europe, “getting consistent, reliable, up-to-date information to everyone in real time is critical,” he adds.

Historically, Dellalui has used many spreadsheets and reports to cross-aggregate information about materials and styles, explains Olivier Stainmesse, the company’s supply chain manager. Centric's Web-based system allows the company to eliminate the spreadsheets and rely on a full solution that its fast development cycle, highly complex production network of global manufacturers, and exacting standards require. Citing Dellalui’s reputation for high-quality products and diversity of clients–which range from large retailers and mail order companies to several thousand small boutiques–Stainmesse stresses that they “cannot afford mistakes,” and affirms that the new system will provide “needed visibility by delivering a complete view of our process, from order to customer delivery.”

Headquartered in Miserey-Salines, France, Dellalui creates 150 styles per season and sells a million pieces each year to more than 3,000 clients. Since its formation in 1996, Dellahui has earned a reputation for fashion, style and attention to detail throughout its manufacturing and marketing processes.