Day-Definite Service to Mexico

Aug. 11, 2009
APl Logistics and Con-way Freight have expanded their OceanGuaranteed brand of day-definite, guaranteed container service to Mexico

Pointing out they now offer full North American coverage for day-definite, guaranteed ocean container service, APL Logistics and Con-way Freight announced OceanGuaranteed service to Mexico.

The OceanGuaranteed service for less-than-container load (LCL) cargo from Asia will now reach all major metropolitan markets in Mexico, said the joint announcement from APL Logistics and Con-way. It’s the biggest expansion of the three-year-old program.

“We’re already serving most of the continent with day-definite service,” said Jim McAdam, president of APL Logistics. “We’re pleased that we can now extend OceanGuaranteed throughout North America by incorporating the very important Mexican market.”

OceanGuaranteed debuted in 2006 as a China-to-US service. It expanded into Canada in 2008. With the addition of Mexico, origin ports in Asia are now connected for the first time to every major North American market via day-definite delivery, say the carriers. Under their day-definite guarantee,the cargo arrives on a date agreed to by the shipper and carrier or the shipper is refunded a portion of the transportation fee.

“OceanGuaranteed has proven to be very popular with shippers in the US and Canada who need a high degree of assurance that cargo will arrive when they need it,” said John Labrie, president of Con-way Freight. “We’re confident it will prove equally popular with Mexican shippers who need reliability at favorable rates.”

For its new Mexico service, OceanGuaranteed cargo will be transported on dedicated Con-way Freight trucks from Los Angeles to Laredo, Texas. From there cargo will cross the border to Mexico with delivery via a Con-way Freight affiliate to the final destination.

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