TNT Express Opens Milano Mega Hub

May 21, 2009
TNT invested €12 million in Milan to open a state-of-the-art 430,000 square-foot hub it calls Milano Mega.

TNT's new 40,000 sq. m (430,000 square foot) hub is located directly beside the runway at Milan's Linate airport, from which TNT’s Airbus A300 takes off each night for the TNT world air hub in Liège. The company's €12 million investment positions it in the heart of an area, Milan and its hinterland, that on its own accounts for 12% of all Italian exports, according to TNT.

“TNT believes in and is investing in economic recovery,” said Christian Drenthen, managing director of the Southern Europe Region of TNT Express. “These facilities were purpose designed for the customer proximity concept and handle our customers’ combined national and international business in one location, setting up the closest proximity logistics center. We are ready, as always, to offer the best to our customers, in terms of capacity to reach global markets ahead of our customers, markets where growth has never faltered. And it is in this area where airfreight will soon go back to playing an essential role.”

Milano Mega is open 24/7. In fact the plant is constantly operational, because during the day it handles deliveries to Milan and its hinterland, Como and Varese, while at night it sorts the international import and export traffic for the whole of Italy, said TNT. The company describes the plant as a horseshoe layout and notes it is equipped with advanced technological solutions. It has 23,000 sq. m (247,000 square feet) of indoor facilities, on one side the Branch, and on the other the Hub, while a small office building links the two parts and houses one of TNT’s five customer service centers that handle an average of 3,550 calls per day. This building also houses the TNT Region 2 Headquarters, with the operational, commercial and security structures.

The hub has 188 docks and can handle 5 million items per year (45,000 per day). /p>