Export Compliance Tool Aids Smaller Firms

April 16, 2009
Export-On-Demand is a Web-based solution for small- to medium-sized exporters.

The Web-based export compliance tool Export-On-Demand centralizes product compliance data, screens trade parties and generates required documentation, says Management Dynamics. Small to medium-sized enterprises represent 97% of all US exporters; the company points out. However, they typically do not have the resources to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of export regulations. “According to the Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS), an Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) is an important tool for exporters to implement procedures and supporting systems to establish accountability and to stay in compliance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR),” says Management Dynamics.

“There are over 200,000 exporters in the United States and it is safe to say that the majority of these businesses do not have the resources in place to keep up with the complexities of the changing trade regulations and cannot afford the high fines of noncompliance,” says Jim Preuninger, CEO, Management Dynamics. “Our new Export On-Demand solution automates the end-to-end export process so that the SME exporter can spend less time worrying about fines and more time focused on their business”

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