Air France-KLM Get the World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft

March 5, 2009
Capacity for the combined air freight carrier operations got a major boost as the first Boeing 777F was welcomed into the Air France fleet.

Anticipating the progressive replacement of its current plane, the airline moved to incorporate the new B777F that it says, “integrates” perfectly with its current fleet because of “commonality.” That translates into the same flight crews being able to fly both passenger and freighter planes. There is some interchangeability of parts between older and new planes.

The maximum payload of the B777F is 103 tons. The plane’s main deck can handle a maximum of 27 10-foot pallets or 11 20-foot pallets. Belly cargo in the B777F is similar to that of passenger models, however its floor has been reinforced to handle heavier loads. Belly capacity is 10 pallets. The new freighter produces 18% less CO2 emissions compared to the B747-400 currently being used by the airline.

While not canceling orders, in response to the worldwide cargo slowdown, Air France-KLM is reported to delay taking delivery of some aircraft by two or three years. In that mix are the B777F as well as other Boeing and Airbus planes.

First destinations for the B777F are Bahrain and Hong Kong, with Chicago to follow.

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