Mitsui and Japan Air Ally for Logistics

June 3, 2009
Japan Airlines will offer air cargo transport, Mitsui sea freight transport.

The joint service solution is called, “Value-up Innovation Partners by Mitsui and JAL.” The alliance is said to be the first of a kind cooperation between an airline and a general trading company in Japan.

In announcing the combined program the carriers characterize it as a one-stop service solution created from their collaboration. Its objective is seen as offering customers an enhanced value chain with “wider options in transportation modes, logistics processing and other technique-based functions such as logistics financing.”

Recognizing that global logistics is suffering and the foreseeable future remains challenging, Mitsui and JAL have joined with the aim of expanding service territories. They say they will be raising the level of convenience and service standards for customers by providing a comprehensive and seamless transportation process.

The service begins for both companies on July 1.

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