Alliance provides worldwide logistics solutions

Aug. 7, 2004
Plantation, FL -- DHL, the world's leading express and logistics company, today announced a strategic alliance between DHL Logistics and Data Exchange

Plantation, FL -- DHL, the world's leading express and logistics company, today announced a strategic alliance between DHL Logistics and Data Exchange Corporation (DEX). The new alliance provides global, fully integrated service solutions for reverse and forward logistics programs to businesses worldwide. Customers of both companies can now leverage DHL’s superior U.S. and international shipping and logistics services, along with DEX’s industry-leading expertise in reverse logistics, depot repair, engineering support, IT systems integrations, and parts replacement services, creating a fully integrated one-stop global supply chain service solution.

Customers in a variety of industries, from computer and consumer electronics, to medical systems, networking, and telecommunications use DEX’s world-class repair and part sourcing services, but need an integrated, full service provider to manage the transportation and logistics for distribution of time-critical parts and equipment to and from suppliers, dealers, OEM’s, and field technicians. DHL Logistics closes that loop by providing a full menu of logistics services and access to DHL’s newly-strengthened U.S. delivery network.

“Bringing two best-in-breed partners together like DHL and DEX provides customers with unprecedented access to one world-class solution for parts and repair logistics services,” said Mike Heilman, VP and General Manager of DHL Logistics. “This is just another example of where the new DHL in the United States is giving people a choice. With the new advertising and integrated Airborne infrastructure, the ‘buzz’ about DHL and DHL Logistics has never been stronger.”

The new alliance taps into an emerging trend toward the collaboration of strong supply chain partners. Combining the core competencies of DHL and DEX also provides companies with significant cost savings, enhancing profits and market values.

“DHL Logistics customers don’t have to invest in expensive warehouse management systems; they take advantage of the infrastructure already in place,” noted Heilman. “Because of shared resources, systems and facilities, clients of outsourced logistics operations save substantial dollars over others who go it on their own.”

DHL Logistics helps companies improve the performance of their warehousing, inventory management and distribution network. Headquartered at DHL’s Commerce Park in Wilmington, Ohio, DHL Logistics offers a complete menu of logistics and outsourcing options such as regional stocking locations for critical parts inventory, centralized hub-based facilities in Wilmington, Ohio, pick & pack logistics, return programs for computers and other small electronics, state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, and dedicated on-site customer service operations. DHL Logistics provides global distribution capabilities and custom solutions for clients seeking to better-manage their inventory distribution processes.

DEX’s North American and European facilities provide fully integrated service solutions on a global scale. The DEX Logistics & Depot Repair Facility located in Columbus, Ohio is strategically located within minutes of DHL’s Wilmington air hub. By locating within proximity of DHL’s hub at the Wilmington Air Park, clients like DEX can reduce their overall transportation costs, while receiving rapid turnaround times for order processing @ as late as midnight for same morning delivery. The DHL Wilmington Air Park is within one hour’s flying time to 60% of the U.S. population, and offers DHL clients in the region end of runway efficiencies, convenient access to DHL’s transportation network and Foreign Trade Zone, and state-of-the-art warehouse management systems. DEX was also attracted to DHL’s superior ground transit times from Wilmington. Over 65% of the U.S. population can be reached within two days by ground delivery from the DHL Logistics hub — unprecedented in the industry.

“The power of the alliance is in providing the customer with a world class service solution option for its outsourcing strategy,” says Sean Grady, DEX Vice President of Account Development. “The dynamics of the DHL Logistics location in Ohio provides highly scalable logistics and technical solutions that are difficult to duplicate elsewhere.”

With DHL’s global delivery infrastructure, the alliance delivers both domestic as well as international outsourcing solutions that exceeds even the most rigorous service solution requirements.

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