New US-Canada Kiosks Expedite Clearance

June 12, 2008
YRC Logistics has set up seven sites along the border to speed the processing of shipments

YRC Logistics has set up seven sites along the border to speed the processing of shipments.

The kiosks are strategically located along the border but will be centrally managed at the YRC Logistics Cross Border main headquarters in Buffalo, NY. The aim is allow drivers to have access to the company’s brokerage services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because operations are centrally handled, the anticipation is that there will be more consistency and efficiency with the filings that will translate into better compliance with governmental requirements and faster processing.

Here’s how YRC Logistics describes how the kiosks will operate: “There is a camera and a telephone with each kiosk which allows communication with the drivers as they present any paperwork needed for customs clearance. Once the driver arrives at the kiosk, communication connects them to the Buffalo office. The driver scans any required documents based upon the client and the type of goods being shipped. The Buffalo, NY office reviews the documents and returns the required information back to the driver for immediate Customs processing and border crossing.”

The kiosks are located at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY; Lewiston-Queenston Bridge in Niagara Falls NY; Ambassador Bridge in Detroit MI; Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron MI; at Champlain NY, Pembina ND; and Blaine WA.

“We are pleased to announce the placement of the innovative kiosks in these key locations,” observes Jim Ritchie, president and CEO, YRC Logistics. “It will allow our clients and employees to have a central communication point when shipping goods across the US and Canadian border.”

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