Why Are There So Few Women in the Supply Chain?

Feb. 12, 2014
The dearth of female talent at the top of corporate hierarchies is problematic for the simple reason that diversity brings strength.

Recent research from SCM World points out one of the great disappearing acts in the supply chain: women in managerial roles. While survey respondents--both male and female--agree that women have different skillsets from men, they also agree that these differences  are advantageous for supply chain management. The near consensus seems to be that the diversity of skills possible with better gender balance in companies’ supply chain functions would be good for business.

Women as leaders in supply chain often excel in forming, motivating and leveraging teams to get work done. According to Beth Ford, executive vice president and chief supply chain & operations officer at Land O’Lakes, “Women make very strong leaders… I’ve noted strength in the ability to collaborate, to integrate views, to mentor… the empathy and belief that it’s important to shepherd others’ careers and to be good business partners with a level of humility.”

Hear from other female supply chain leaders and learn about the value of diversity in the workplace at IndustryWeek.

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