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I Wish to Start a Logistics Business. How Can I Take a Logistics Franchise Abroad?

April 2, 2014
QUESTION: "I wish to start logistics business. How can I take a logistics franchise abroad?"

I wish to start logistics business. How can I take a logistics franchise abroad?

James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., CEO,
Tompkins International,
supply chain consultants

These are the  top 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. Answer the question: “What is my unique selling proposition and value proposition?”
  2. Establish a Business Plan
  3. Assure adequate capitalization
Ron Giuntini
Consultant and Principal
Giuntini & Company, Inc.

Choose a business model in which you deliver a solution that is outsourced by a larger solution provider to you. The larger logistics company will do the Marketing for you as part of a larger solution suite.

Jim Shephard President Shephard's Industrial Training Systems Research and lots of it…. One might start with a local College and hire a business major to conduct the research. Include a survey targeting potential client interest in the region; such as; market to be served, conditions, wants, cost and revenue potential.Join the ConversationShare your insights and opinions on the questions and the Experts answer(s). You must be logged in to the website in order to post your comments.

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