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Mitigating Supply Chain Risk is Getting Easier

May 24, 2016
Supply chain Issues such as deforestation, water risk and biodiversity loss can now be found via Big Data.

As companies are being held accountable for supply chain transparency, there are resources available to find this type of data. According to Sissel Waage of GreenBiz, issues such as deforestation, water risk and biodiversity loss can be found via Big Data.

Corporate decision-makers can access data and maps on:

Waage points out that in this new age of data, supply chain managers will be asked these high level questions:

  1. Are corporate decisions and supply chains investing in business solutions that offer "benefit multipliers" for companies, communities and natural systems?
  2. Or are decisions undercutting the very systems upon which we all rely and introducing"ecosystem malfunction risk" into corporate risk management and mitigation portfolios?

The author makes the point that given all of these resources there is no longer a reason to be uniformed about these issues.

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