Audiovox to Use Siras to Reduce Theft and Fraud

“Siras's programs have proven to be especially effective in reducing retail shrinkage and fradulent returns,” said Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics Corp. “That's a tremendous advantage to us, to our retailers, and ultimately for our consumers.”

Initially, Audiovox will activate select portable DVD players, two-way radios, in-car entertainment products and MP3 players.

At the point of sale, a sales associate would scan the product UPC bar code normally. A Siras-supported product would trigger a prompt for the sales associate to scan the serial number as well, and the transaction would be date and time stamped and archived. The serial number would also be printed on the customer receipt.

The Siras serial number look up would then validate product returns and warranty repairs. Siras is also working with law enforcement to help provide information to track and recover stolen items.

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