Averitt’s New Asian Service Promises Faster Transit Times

The carrier says that its less-than-container load (LCL) service offers transit times 10 days faster than traditional LCL moves. Called the Asia-Memphis Express, LCL service is tightly integrated with Averitt Express’ domestic less than truckload (LTL) network.

In explaining how the new service is differs from those of other providers, Charlie McGee, the carrier’s vice president of International Development says, "With most traditional LCL service, cargo is consolidated at origin and deconsolidated at the first port of entry, increasing the risk of delay. Under our system, our exclusive relationships with partners in Asia give us the critical mass we need to ship LCL containers on a fixed schedule direct to Memphis.”

Averitt loads containers in Asia and books them through to Memphis, continues McGee. Freight doesn’t have to wait for Customs clearance at the West Coast ports. After moving through Los Angeles/Long Beach containers go immediately to the carrier’s bonded distribution center in Memphis where they clear Customs. Cargo is then deconsolidated and moved to customers through the LTL distribution network.

Averitt expects its Asia-Memphis Express service to be of particular appeal for medium to small importers that rely on LCL shipping for international service. Speed and consistency of delivery will be key to the success of the service, notes McGee. “LCL shippers need delivery consistency to keep their supply chain costs down. With this consistent service, we can prevent them from having to keep higher safety stock inventory levels or resort to airfreight to recover from random delays on LCL shipments."

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