Behind the Worlds Biggest Sporting Event

The goal of any logistics network is not to be noticed. For two weeks in June and July, all eyes focused on Germany and FIFA’s quadrennial World Cup. Though audience figures aren’t in yet, FIFA reports 37 billion people watched the 1998 World Cup. Laboring behind the scenes to support the event, Schenker AG says its team of up to 400 people was at the 12 soccer pitches. Schenker said it stored, distributed and assembled an estimated 7,700 monitors for the media grandstands. Each had to be taken down at the completion of the event and was packed back inside the box in which it was delivered at the start of the World Cup.

While fans sought their seats in the stands, Schenker had to deliver 15,150 chairs for the media, photographers and security teams. In addition, it supplied 3,300 table lamps and 1,100 cubic meters of furniture.

Additional support for the administration and media in the form of 1,000 printers, 200 photocopiers and 250 FAX machines were delivered. Schenker Global Sports Events also provided 40 specially made containers for the fan embassies and 200 multi-purpose containers for the Organizing Committee and service providers.

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