Brewing up a response for bioterrorism

Brewing up a response
for bioterrorism

Although it produces its line of liquor in France, Grand Marnier ( sends 90% of its production abroad, with most of it going to the U.S. and Canada. For the company, the U.S. Bioterrorism Act presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

A family-owned company, Grand Marnier has production and warehousing in four different locations around France. In order to meet the Act's requirements, the company has to trace its entire supply chain from raw materials to finished bottled product.

To fulfill traceability needs and gain better control of its supply chain, Grand Marnier uses a software solution from Aldata Solution ( To be piloted this September at Grand Marnier's central packaging and distribution facility at Aubevoye, France, the solution will interface with the company's in-house production system in an IBM AS/400 environment.

“In addition to traceability and warehouse optimization,” says Arnaud Mabire, Grand Marnier's information technology manager, “expected benefits are improved inventory management, standardization of many warehouse functions, better storage and flexibility in forklift driver operations because of the automation of some functions.” LT

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July, 2004

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