British Gas Awards DHL $25 Million Five-Year Deal

DHL Supply Chain has been awarded a contract worth $25 million (£17 million) over five years to implement a national supply chain solution for British Gas, focused on optimizing the financial and environmental efficiency of its UK smart meter roll-out.

Designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, smart meters will be rolled out to every home in the UK. British Gas has selected DHL to deliver a smart metering national supply chain solution and facilitate the installation and maintenance of over 16 million smart meters for its 12 million customers.

DHL will use a regional network to manage meter assets including smart meters, in-house displays and associated ancillary items from British Gas' national warehouse to DHL's national distribution network of collection points. The company hopes to minimize the downtime of the team installing the meters and provide a secure means of collecting and depositing materials.

Additionally, DHL's network will manage returned meters from collection points to the relevant asset owners, while DHL will work with British Gas to minimize the environmental impact of the roll-out through the management of waste materials and the use of teardrop trailers. DHL plans to integrate with current British Gas systems to provide real time track and trace ability of metering assets at serial level number, at all points throughout the supply chain.

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