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Business is booming at Lazaro Cardenas

Mexico's West Coast Port of Lazaro Cardenas has become the nation's busiest port virtually overnight, registering a 56.3% boost in February unloadings. Some 8,627 TEUs arrived at the port from Pacific Rim countries, which then moved via rail to the U.S.

The port moved a total of 1.4 million tons of cargo, a marked growth over February 2004 when it moved 975,073 tons.

According to port authority operator Juan Paratore, General Motors moved 1,279 vehicles in February, a jump of 78.4% year over year. Also, the port's special metals and minerals terminal handled 704,585 tons of minerals for a nearby steel mill. Carbonser, a mining company based in the Far East, used the port to unloaded 469,524 tons of coal also destined for the steel mill.

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