Cancun: A new Caribbean hub?

Cancun: A new Caribbean hub?

Much noise has been made lately about Cancun Airport, which is being touted as the new hub in the Caribbean. Logistics Today recently paid a visit to the airport, which is managed by Asur (Aeropuertos del Sur), a holding company managing nine airports in southeastern Mexico.

Although the facility is the finest in the country, it’s far from being an international hub. Plans to have it compete with Miami do exist. They include construction of a second 3.5 kilometer runway as well as a cargo terminal to be called Integral Logistics Center which, says Asur’s press representative Eduardo Rivadeneyra, should be operational in “no more than three years.”

Full planning is underway to develop the new cargo hub. According to airport manager Fernando de la Torre, Asur is now negotiating with seven different carriers to use the hub as a distribution center for the region, as well as the rest of the Caribbean. Apparently, funding is sought to continue with the project.

Kjeld Binger, Asur’s president and director general, says total investment in the new infrastructure is over $50 million, with a goal of having state-of-the-art facilities to serve as a hub for international airlines. — RCM

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April, 2004

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