China Invests in Hong Kong

The largest share of total direct investment in Hong Kong came from Mainland China in 2006, according to the Census and Statistics Department. At 35.1% of total stock, China's investments covered a number of economic activities, including investment holding, real estate, and business services such as wholesale, retail, and import/export trades, as well as transport and related services.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) noted that the emphasis in Hong Kong in terms of the transport industry is now being focused on developing connectivity between the various parts of the supply chain, with regards to cargo sources, and between the different transport modes.

Though real estate and banking continue to dominate inward investment in Hong Kong, a significant portion of the direct investment (10.8%) was directed to wholesale, retail, and import/export trades.

When the so-called tax haven countries economies are excluded, other sources of investment include the Netherlands (6.8%) and the United States (4.8%).

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